Historic Vehicles

Historic Vehicles


The Land Rover Owners Club (LROC) has many members with historic vehicles from original 1948 series 1 to Range Rovers. Trips are organised to cater specifically for historic vehicles as well as technical days for those who want to do there own spannering. There is a wealth of knowledge within the club covering every model and aspect of rebuilding older Landrovers . Rebuilding engines, gearboxes, differentials, fixing electrics ,welding firewalls ,paint spraying ,there is a member who would be considered to be an expert.


Access to the expert members is guaranteed for members of the LROC.


Landrovers and Range Rovers over 30 years of age can be registered under the RMS Historic Vehicle Registration Scheme (HVRS).

The LROC is a member of the Council of Motor Clubs (CMC), the organisation responsible for coordination of the HVRS with the RMS. There are 2 schemes running at the present time ,the old scheme and the new Classic Vehicle Log Book trial.


The purpose of the HVRS is to enable owners of classic vehicles to be able drive them and participate at club events without incurring the full cost of registration.


To that end the LROC requires HVRS owners registered with the club to attend at least 3 club events per year. This can be any event including general meetings. If after the first year of registration the member has not complied with the 3 event rule registration may be declined for the following year.


To obtain historic vehicle registration a pink slip is required for the vehicle and RMS form 1259 completed by the member and signed by the LROC conditional vehicle secretary.


Under the old scheme which is still operating only club events and local vehicle testing were allowed. The new scheme allows 60 days vehicle use per year plus club events. Members can opt for either scheme until the pilot scheme is endorsed ,probably mid 2017.


For more info contact: historic@lroc.com.au


For Conditional Registration Secretary contact: rego@lroc.com.au


Download the Historic Vehicle Declaration form form here